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Throughout the years, Instagram has launched a lot of amazing features on the platform. 📱 They basically started out Stories – to which other apps have adapted into theirs, making it the latest trend in social media. But other than Stories that lets you share adventures, photos, videos of any kind, Instagram has rolled out the Instagram Highlights. 😲⠀

Usually, Stories last up to 24 hours only and will only be visible for the user after the said time limit through his or her Stories archive. 🕒 Though the user may share this again, having Instagram Highlights is a great tool so their followers can look back on some memorable moments the user have posted.⠀

To create Instagram Highlights:⠀
✅Go to your Instagram profile.⠀
✅Under your name and bio, you will see a “+” sign. Tap that.⠀
✅Instagram will ask you to create a new highlight.⠀
✅You may choose from all your previous Stories on which ones you would like to include on that specific highlight.⠀
✅Tap Next.⠀
✅You may now type a title for your highlight.⠀
✅Choose a highlight cover photo.⠀
✅Tap Done.⠀

You can also personalize your Highlights in any way you want that fits your aesthetic. 💕 If this helped you out in creating your highlights, your comments will be highly appreciated!⠀

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