How to follow up with Enquiries in Your DM and Whatsapp

After receiving inquiries from your targeted audiences and prospective clients, then what next?

Converting your targetted audience to a paying customers does not end with a single message from your end. Building relationship through direct messages is one of the fail-proof way in converting clients as many as possible.

Prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate of 40% higher. However, sending text messages to a prospect prior to making contact on the phone decreased the likelihood of ever contacting that lead by 39%. Texting after contact leads to a 112.6% higher lead to engagement conversion.

Ask for the Best Way To Follow Up

The client needs your services and you need the business. It is always a nice practice to get the consent and the preference of your prospective customer on their follow ups.

Get in Touch the Same Day

Make sure you get in touch with the client the same day as your first meeting.

This achieves two objectives.

-It clearly communicates your understanding of the meeting to the client. So if he has a different understanding of one or more issues, he can immediately clarify.
-It implicitly communicates your understanding of what the next action item is going to be.

Build Confidence By Offering Free Advice and Resources

Forget your product, just offer solutions that can cause an immediate impact.

Offer Value in Every Follow-Up

Your real objective is to deliver value and build trust with the prospect.

Your conversations should be so valuable that the client should look forward to having a chat with you.

Don’t Push – The Client Owes You Nothing

Don’t push them into making any decisions. They don’t owe you anything. They’re running a business and their decisions will be based on their own interests, not yours.Ho

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