How to create your own infographics

Content posting on social media is not merely just text but also photos that can engage, summarize, and inform your audience. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 These are what infographics are for. They serve as a visual aid for those who do not like reading lengthy posts. You don’t have to be an experienced designer because you can create infographics through these steps:⠀

🚩Outline the goals of your infographic⠀
Explain the process and simplify a complex step. Summarize long reports into short ones but do not forget to describe the procedure in a way that many will understand without removing the main point of the step.⠀

🚩Collect data for your infographic⠀
Do not forget to do research about your topic. Weigh things in. Should you make a pie chart out of it or a flowchart? Which one would suit the information better? Visualize it and try to sketch out for your convenience.⠀

🚩Layout the elements of your infographic design⠀
Once you’ve done sketching it out, try layouting it through a computer or your mobile phone. Consider the step by step procedure you are making and incorporate ideas related to the topic. Make it natural and understandable for most people.⠀

🚩Add style to your infographic design⠀
There are apps online available for pre-designed infographics that will surely save you time. Pick out fonts, colors, and shapes that will be vital to your infographic. Make sure to include important information in any part of the layout.⠀

How do you design your infographics? Share it with us below!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻⠀
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