How Instagram Search Works From The Head Of Instagram

How Instagram Search Works From The Head Of Instagram

And the key difference between how ranking works on search and how it works on feed, stories, or explore is that when you search for something, you’re communicating some kind of clear or precise intent.

So, when we try to rank results, what did you search for in the first place is the most significant signal or bucket of signals that we look at.

Because Instagram search is mostly used to get to a profile or a hashtag. The other two main signs that we look at are your Instagram activity.

How we help you show up in Search

First, think at how you handle your handles in relation to what you do.
Second, think carefully about your bio on your profile. Consider the terms you intend to employ in particular. It will assist folks in finding it as we look at that bio when indexing results.
Finally, be very attentive about your captions, not just any remark on your post, but the caption you create when you initially publish that post.

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