How about we get real for a quick minute?

How about we get real for a quick minute?⠀

You could be working from home as a freelancer or as a business owner and most people would think that you’re so luck to be working from home. Sometimes, that’s not always the case. Working from home also means that you’ll be wearing even more hats than those working in offices. You might be a designer at the moment but when your child comes calling, you need to take off that hat and put on your mom cap and let’s admit it – there are more things going on at home than when you work in an office.⠀

Working from home can be extra tiring and there is a real struggle with growth – it’s not like you have a direct supervisor or manager around to validate your work. Sometimes, the harshest critic you can have is yourself and especially when doubt creeps in, it ends up impeding improvements.⠀

This is not a fun discuss simply because it’s real and it happens. That’s why sometimes, you need a group like this one that can help you when no one else in the house can. We need to support each other and help each other grow. And the point of it all is to make sure that even if we’re working from home, we’re kicking butts and making amazing things happen.⠀

There are so many struggles, especially in times like this when uncertainty is heavy on everybody’s minds but knowing that we have a group and that we have each other’s back when it comes to our work-from-home experiences – it really does help. :)⠀

What we want to tell you exactly is that we’re truly happy you’re doing what you do

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