Establishing boundaries is a good thing!

When you’re working on your side hustle, it can be really difficult trying to place boundaries between your work and personal life. Often times – especially for those not to fond of working from home – can end up experiencing unnecessary stress because of not being able to draw the line between work time and “me” time.⠀

You might think hustling is just not for your but you can make your experience more tolerable and productive with a few good practices you can do on your own. A good tip would be to create a daily schedule that you stick to. Roughly list down your daily activities and dedicate time for your breaks. Make sure to set a specific time when you end your “shift” – this means you stop working and do remaining work the next day. Having to work beyond this set time would be should be reasonable from time to time but you need to make this a commitment to yourself. Be accountable for your time. This method makes sure you work efficiently enough so you can meet that end shift time.⠀

It might be difficult to practice during the next few days but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have time to unwind and you’ll set a clear boundary between work time and personal time.⠀

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