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Facebook groups are the most underestimated strategy of advertising procedure with regards to producing commitment and leads. We have seen advertisers utilizing Facebook groups as a procedure to build referral traffic, however, too bad, this isn’t the most ideal approach to use the power of this platform.⠀

Whenever promoted accurately, Facebook groups can possibly create direct leads and even deals. All you need is a high engagement rate where individuals share, examine, react and begin purchasing from you – and it’s for free! ⠀

Things being what they are, how would you make Facebook groups with a high commission rate?⠀

1) Post some welcoming remarks for the new members of the group⠀
2) Make sure the members are comfortable on the rules you’ve created⠀
3) Try the power of storytelling when posting⠀
4) Post polls, questions, and surveys to engage with them⠀
5) Ask them questions. This is where call-to-action comes to place.⠀
6) Post photos with quotes to inspire them.⠀
7) Follow the “edu-tainment” strategy⠀
8) Your timing must be coherent⠀
9) Post Facebook Live videos on the group⠀
10) Remind the members to put notifications on⠀

If you have some tips to add, don’t hesitate to share it with us!⠀
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