Best ways to manage stress


Is stress getting the better of you? There are many things on your side hustle that can cause extra stress than when you’re working in the office. So, how do you manage it? There are many ways to try out so you can control that untamed stress and keep your sanity at bay. Here are our tried and tested ways to make managing stress easier:⠀

1. Slow down and do some deep breathing exercises especially during that moment when you really feel like you’re going to blow up.⠀
2. Talk to a friend about it. You might not get any professional advice about it but having someone to vent out your stress can immediately relieve your frustrations.⠀
3. Take breaks and take them responsibly. You need to make sure you take breaks without overdoing it so if you’re daily schedule include breaks – take them. Find that balance and don’t overwork yourself.⠀
4. Try doing some light exercises. You might think that’s nonsense but a few jumping jacks can help you focus on just moving your body and takes your mind off your stress. Then you can recover and think much clearer.⠀

Try out these tips the next time you feel overwhelmed. And if you have any tips as well, feel free to share them in the comments section below!⠀

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