4 ways of using REELS to market your Product

Instagram Reels, also known as TikTok’s rival, has rolled out in several countries for the past few months. A lot of users find it very accessible and easier to use since it’s already on your existing Instagram app – meaning, you don’t need to install another app for you to use it.

As we all know, businesses have made their TikTok accounts to market their products on the platform, but how do you do it in Instagram Reels? Is it similar to how you would do it on TikTok?

Feel free to watch our video for the tips!

Post content that your followers can relate to.
Promote your brand by posting videos about your products.
Don’t be afraid to follow trends such as challenges to let your brand be known.
Collaborate with influencers who use Reels as well.

If our tips helped you out in improving your business, your comments will be highly appreciated!

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