4 reasons you are not making sales and how to fix it

It is quite frustrating sometimes that you work hard on your strategies however the results are unlikely to what you have expected. Oftentimes, these efforts that we exerted to ensure we boost the sales of our business are simply not working.

We have here some of the reasons why your business is not generating sales:

You are marketing, and not selling

Introducing your products or sercvices to general public is what you call marketing, however in the event that you are reaching out on them, then that is sales. Marketing makes sales happen through generation of leads, however marketing alone cannot convert customers as sales unless you reach out to them.

FIX – Be honest with your targets, never mix up marketing with sales. Ensure that you measured your desired revenue target since not all your marketing efforts will transcends to sales.

You are targetting the wrong customers

Oftentimes your leads does not mean automatic sales conversion.

FIX – It is ideal that you have strategic customer funnel to track which ones are sure conversion.

You failed on highlighting the urgency

You may encounter potential buyer throughout your marketing, however it is quite tricky when you reach on the sales part.

FIX – Remind potential buyer the benefits of your offer and how limited it will be. This will call for an urgency for them to avail your offer.

Do not give your customers reasons to switch

Remember, you are not the only one who offers the same products/services. Competition on the market is quite tight.

FIX – Ensure that your offer stands out among others. Never give your potential buyer reasons to switch to other provider.

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