4 Canva tools that you didn’t Know About

Canva is quite possibly the online tool you never knew existed, that you soon may not be able to live without.

Canva is more than just a graphic design website, it can be also use as an effective marketing tool. It helpful feature you can use for your business, from creating graphics, creating logo, brand identity, making publication materials are few of the things Canva can offer. These are 4 tools and features you may not know Canva has.

SVG File

If you upload an SVG online you can usually edit the color, size, and add animation to the graphic. So when it comes to uploading a file on Canva you can change the colors and crop the file while still maintaining a high-quality image.

One Page Website

Creating a website with Canva is simple, even for those with no design or website skills can get a website up and running.

Start with a free Canva account.
Select a website template.
Choose your own graphics, colours, fonts & logos.
Publish your design as a website.
Once you have your website link, I would recommend that you use Bitly.com to convert it to an easy to remember, short link for you to be able to share. Alternatively, purchase a domain name and forward your website to your domain.
Easy to update, simply update in canva.

Embed Canva Designs To Your Website

This particular tool I’m a fan of because let’s say you want to create a step process, show multiple videos, or display your design samples on your blog or website.

Schedule & Post Content on Social Media

Design, draft and schedule your social media posts in just a few clicks all from within Canva. To schedule, pick a specified date and time, add your design and caption, then just sit back, relax, and we’ll post it for you.

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