How to identify and reach your Target Audience on Instagram

Knowing your audience is just as important as your content on Instagram. ⠀

In order to have a good marketing strategy, you must know what sparks the interests of your audience for them to engage with your posts, so it is best to discover the best Instagram targeting tactics to reach them. 🤔 Here are a few tips:⠀

✅ Start with larger personas ⠀
Larger personas do not necessarily mean celebrities or people with a large following. Take @evernote as an example. They cater to audiences who are in need of their services, such as busy professionals and people who want to increase their productivity by organizing their information and tasks.⠀

✅ Collect competitive insight⠀
Surely enough, you will find someone with the same goals and business as you. You do not see them as an enemy but a healthy competitor on which you can base to improve your business. Try checking them out and see what kind of posts they are publishing and how their audience reacts to them. This can give you an idea of what your Instagram target audience should be.⠀

✅ Use existing demographics data⠀
Some businesses overlook this option but seeing your Instagram analytics will help you identify who your existing audience is, including their age range, gender, and location. With this, you will be able to recognize which people you attract the most and which ones you should focus on.⠀

✅ Conduct social listening to understand relevant conversations⠀
Going back to the main idea of this post is the importance of social listening. You have to engage with them on comments and posts to know which they prefer about your product or service and which one should you improve on.⠀

✅ Make the most of Instagram polls⠀
Instagram Stories has the option of making polls for your audience. Ask them through this to improve your Instagram targeting. You could ask what type of content they prefer or ask them about their interests or hobbies, even their shopping behaviours as well.⠀

Do you have any tips that you can share with us? Comment down below! 😊👌 ⠀

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